What's the deal with CROCS?

You might love them. Some hate them.  I happen to LOVE them.

I have original CROCS. I have high heel wedge CROCS. I have platform CROCS. I am a CROCS lover. So what the heck was going on during the COVID pandemic in April and May? Our normal CROCS shipment was delayed then cancelled but we continued to sell out of almost every CROC we had in stock.

I guess people really started to get it. Get the comfort. The softness. The bounce. Men - women - kids it didn't matter - we sold it. So in June I tried to get a restock order but NOOOOO. Crocs are sold out in Canada and the US warehouse until September! So we got what we could - some new funky colours - but not in all sizes. 

So bear with us. Check out what we do have on line or instore. I promise - we will have more in September. Whether you love them or hate them! (Check out the pic - our wall o'crocs)